Patient faq’s

Most Common Questions

  • Would I be a good candidate for your health programs?
    All our protocols are medically and scientifically based. Before any program, we must do a very comprehensive blood chemistry analysis and then sit down and discuss not only the lab work, but also all of your habits, your lifestyle, your symptoms and your goals/desired outcomes. We will be in this together as a team.
  • Which Services are you able to Provide?
    Testosterone optimization, female hormone deficiencies, erectile dysfunction solutions, peptide based anti-aging protocols, medically supervised weight loss are our specialties.
  • What is this going to cost, and will you take my insurance?
    We will not file your insurance claim. We will gladly provide you with anything you need to file your own insurance. The fee for the comprehensive blood work is $349. This will test over 70 different factors in your blood and give us a great idea of your overall health. From there, we will be completely transparent as far as what your protocol will cost. There will be NO financial surprises in this clinic.
  • Can I stop or pause treatment?
    Of course, however with some medications we may have to do it gradually for safety.
  • How Do I contact you for More Information?
    We are always available to answer your questions. If it is something can be handled on the phone, we will schedule a time that is mutually convenient. We will always answer questions for you via email if that is more convenient. For more in depth subjects, we can certainly schedule office time to discuss any concerns.

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